When people smoke, they engage with more than the tobacco or nicotine content of their favourite brand; they participate in the social rituals, moments and experiences of smoking.


While they welcome the taste and smell of smoking, smokers don’t always necessarily want the tobacco and nicotine that go with it.

A satisfying smoking experience

Pronounced lyekah, Laika tobacco and nicotine-free hemp cigarettes offer a pleasant and satisfying smoking experience close to the smoothness of tobacco, without the toxic ingredients or addictive nature.


Thanks to a patent-pending refinement technique, Laika hemp cigarettes have a similar smell and taste to tobacco that is highly familiar with smokers. It means giving smokers of legal age the choice to continue smoking without having to consume nicotine.

Selling and distributing Laika

Laika cannabis cigarettes are available in Menthol, Original and Smooth Flavor, which are the most popular taste profiles favoured by North American adult smokers.

Sold online in the United States at, Laika’s range ships to 36 states across the country.

With strong sales and ongoing positive customer feedback, Laika has a number of innovations in the pipeline.

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What does the name Laika mean?

From humble origins as a stray dog in the tough streets of Moscow, Laika became one of the first animals to go into outer space and the first to orbit Earth, when selected to join the cosmonauts in the Soviet space craft Sputnik 2, on November 3rd, 1957.


Although the mission ultimately proved fatal for Laika, her participation contributed greatly to early research into space. Today, her legacy lives on in space history and popular culture.


We salute and commemorate Laika through a charitable program that helps dogs enjoy a better life with dignity and health.